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Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression

iCO Water Mist Fire Suppression.

A correctly designed, installed and properly maintained water mist fire suppression system can detect, suppress and control a fire at an early stage of development and will activate an alarm. Operation of the system rapidly reduces heat and smoke production allowing more time to allow occupants to escape or to be rescued. It is widely known fact that fire suppression systems do make houses far safer to live in.

We are an authorised iCO Fire Certified Partner and Installers of their revolutionary Mist system and design it to the following standards.


The system works with a pump arrangement which is connected to the incoming water main (via a one way valve, filter and isolation device). The pump charges the system up to its operating pressure which carries out an internal self test procedure once a day to ensure that the system is constantly providing adequate protection. The pump is connected to a system of strategically placed heads which are neat and discreet in design. In the event of a fire breaking out the heads closest to it will activate when the temperature hits over 57 degrees C. This system works on standard mains water and does not require a tank !

In ninety percent of documented sprinkler activations in residences just one head was sufficient to control the fire. It’s a total myth that all heads on a system will start dispersing like in Hollywood films !

We have invested heavily in equipment for our Mist systems and we have all the latest hydraulic swaging machines so that we manufacture all of our pipework in house or on site. By doing this not only is it good for quality control it means we are not waiting for any odd size pipes to be made.

Fire suppression systems are now a legal requirement in Wales for all new builds and change of use.

Our designers and installers are fully qualified and have been trained by Xact to BS9251. Xact are recognised by 3rd party accreditation bodies to train engineers. They are also trained by IPS in CPVC pipework.

Our team has carried out domestic or residential sprinkler and mist suppression installations all over the country for a wide range of clients. From our base in Bridgend Mid Glamorgan we operate mainly in the South, West and East Wales Areas. At the moment we have Fire Suppression Engineers installing in Cardiff, Caerphilly, Merthyr Tydfil, Neath Port Talbot, Newport, Rhondda and The Vale of Glamorgan.

  • Low Water Flow Rate Required.
  • No Tank Needed.
  • Utilises Standard Water Main.
  • Meets Building Control Criteria.
  • Does Not Require a Dedicated Supply.
  • Fire Suppression is Mandatory for new builds in Wales.
  • Fully Qualified Designers and Installers.